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Experimental Concepts: Virtual Reality

It was 1985 and the Experimental Prototype Community of Future (EPCOT Center) was just over two (2) years old. As a part of Georgia’s first Magnet school (shout out to Snapfinger Elementary of Decatur, GA), we were sent down to Florida to “experience” EPCOT and NASA. I specifically remember being in awe of holograms; which seemed so far from reality it was a full topic of discussion amongst the students the entire trip. Well, the concept of holograms eventually gave way to Virtual Reality and guess what…

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N-I-G-G-E-R-S! Where ya’ll at?

Okay, let’s tackle it today. I found NAS’ new song “Be A Nigger Too” and I’m noticing mixed reviews. The reviews are falling right about where I thought 60/40 that the song is speaking the truth versus being irresponsible. All I would ask is that you “listen” and get rid of your fears and inhibitions about the “N” word. Let me know what ya’ll think.

Welcome Back to the game, NAS!


NAS – “Be a Nigger Too”


My opinion:

When I hear the song, I am not immediately offended. He got me by saying “turn the radio up…you are now allowed to listen to the radio.” Lawd knows I’m not trying to listen to this crap that comes on the radio. Within the first few lines of the song he clearly says “No disrespect…”, so then I felt I should give it a chance. Now although the use of the “N” word in the chorus may seem like much; it is actually a stroke of genius in that I cannot remember a song where “nigger” is used in the chorus and if you listen to any hip-hop album produced in the past 10-15 years, “nigga” is used quite frequently; as well as “bitch”, “ho”, and other “good cusses”. I find this song no different than what Dave Chappelle was able to do on his show which was to basically disarm the word.

I am reminded of a Sports Illustrated article where Tiger Woods touched on the word “nigger”. His family integrated a white suburb in California and on his first day of school in kindergarten, some older kids threw rocks at him and called him “nigger” and “monkey”. Tiger’s response is a very introspective one:

“You don’t turn it into hatred. You turn it into something positive. So many athletes who reach the top now had things happen to them as children that created hostility, and they bring that hostility with them. But that hostility uses up energy. If you can do it without the chip on the shoulder, it frees up all that energy to create.”

Think about it.

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Technology Pimpin’

Ever imagine what a IT guy would say if he had a little game. Maybe it would go something like this:

Hey, baby!

I’ve got some new hardware that you have needed to be installed for quite a while. Trust that it is an upgrade from any of the previous versions. It’s completely compatible with your system and it’s plug & play; your OS should be able to recognize it. No annoying popups and absolutely virus free. It comes pre-installed with several pieces of software all to make your computing experience easier. The networking is a snap. No wires, no cords, just instant access to the things you need. The Internet is “always on”; all you need is a lap-top and an clear view of the Southern sky (where my DirecTV folks at). Once installed, you will have access to our entire network where we can extract, transform, and load anything from spreadsheets to flat text files. No need to worry about parental controls, your simple registration and age verification should take care of that. There is piece of mind with it’s overall security, just turn it on, use it, and turn it off when you are done. Now with every piece of computing equipment, there will be flaws; after all, it is a piece of hardware. Our support team is the best on the planet, just bring it in for a free diagnostics, and we will release it back to you like-new condition. With an unlimited amount of drive space and memory, you will never have to add additional disks or RAM unless you are some kind of “technology freak” or something. And all of this comes with a lifetime warranty. So how ’bout it? Are you ready for the most advanced piece of technology ever made? Or are you satisfied with current, outdated equipment?

The operator is standing by…

LMAO…That’s a whole lotta foolishness for 5am, but it has made me laugh today!

Ya’ll help me out with some more edgy, technology talk.

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The Fear of God and Love (preface)

Last week I was directed to an interesting video from “The Honorable James David Manning” and found it necessary to share with you all. I have been writing for a few weeks on the Fear of God and Love, but I think this clip is the best jump off for that discussion. Please watch and define “honorable”.

The two most powerful statements in this country are "Jesus is Lord" and "The Word of God". Before I get too far into this, be careful people. We have responsibilities to ourselves as a member of the Human race (yes, I capitalized Human). Do not rely on anyone to provide you with an interpretation.

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Forget the Revolution!

Imma say it out loud. “Forget the revolution!” Yeah, I said it. I don’t know if the revolution is happening, and it probably won’t be televised (power of the Internet). But I am pretty confident in the fact that the revolution is something that we are waiting on.

Hmmm, “waiting on…”

It is so very difficult to wait. It takes a lot of hard work to be patience enough to wait. Patience is not a bad quality to have, is it? How about impatience? Both are fine, in balance (shout out to “dawleen“).
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A Letter…

I don’t know what happened. I have completely lost the ability to communicate effectively. Goes to show how one moment can affect the outcomes of everything. I know the conversations and everything that they are, but why are we incapable of having any of them. This my attempt, so hear me out…

I am writing this with painful disappointment; notwithstanding any clue of a desired result. I do know that I’ve never purposely tried to hurt you and, as much as possible, want you to be happy. I find that to simple and refreshing and important in my life. Keeping that in mind, I’m learning the importance words, the importance of actions, and the importance of time; occasionally working together in unison but, more often, against one another. I find myself more sensitive to all of these things and it is making me a better person. It is also creating a transition from what I’ve thought “manhood to be” and what “being a man” is. Read More…

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Entertainment 101: Alexyss Tylor

Many of you have seen the “Vagina Power” program, or, at the very least, have seen this clip roaming the Internet. My interest in putting it up on the site is primarily to talk about the entertainment factor in the clip…if not the entire program. She hits everything that reality TV gives you, but added a twist by exposes herself as being vulnerable. I’ve watched Alexyss’ show a few of times and this clip will take thru a lot of very interesting insight…nonetheless this is Entertainment 101.

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Evolution: Mutant Monkey Fish-Hands

This will not be the last time I reference “Evolution” in a blog, but I thought I would kick off Possum’s Video Clips with a hilarious short from South Park. For those of you who do not watch the program; an argument can be made, that South Park is in the top 10 of influential political programs created in the last decade (seriously). Check out their 60 second version of evolution:

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Happy Valentine’s Day

This will not be nearly as long as my last blog entry, but I wanted to wish everyone a very “Happy Valentines Day”…and briefly converse about “love”, or at least some semblance of it…

The person fortunate enough to figure out “love” will be the wealthiest person, EVER. In the meantime, I just want to drop some bits and pieces on your mind (and I don’t want any responses about different kinds of love…sh!t it’s Valentine’s Day): Read More…

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Muses from me…

If you want some, come get some…

Let’s take a trip, ya’ll. Right out the box, I represent “The A” (and I’m so glad everyone knows what that means now).

The worldwide headquarters of the Afrikan-American Experience

“K” is for self-determination, but we’ll get to that later..I know there are many people from other places that may take offense to that, but just come down here and you will see that I’m not just talkin’ out the side of my neck. We have a little bit of everything from a little bit of everywhere…except Atlanta…and I dig that.

Be patient, I won’t take up a lot of time.

In my years, my eyes have produced an interesting screenplay of life. The purpose here is to get to root of my very being and share with the masses (or at least this blog) a small libretto named “A First Safe Safari”...

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