“Possum’s Yogurt, what in da hell is that?” Gross and flavorful; flagrant, yet obscure, with plenty of truthiness (copyright Stephen Colbert 2006). A blog filled with “creamy goodness” that only a mother could make and a father could deliver…just messin’ around, ya’ll”

Welcome to Possum’s Yogurt! I am your host, Possum Jones.

Not really sure what to say about myself (a real selfless act, right), except I am comfortable with just being a voice; but buyer beware! There is no return policy and, under no circumstances are there refunds. We deliver quality products at an affordable price, “the free”. So let’s ride this “broke-down horse” together.

A little about me:

I am a father of four (2 girls, 2 boys (the perfect pair)). My life’s work is leading me towards opening a private school. Until then, I work in information technology, specifically data, and I am a professional problem solver. Life is pretty simple, I wake, shake, bake, and go; do it all in reverse, and start over. Activities which help me deviate from the “simple life” include, Little League Baseball (coach), softball (player), music, and golf…oh, don’t let me forget that I am a Scorpio, and apparently have OCD when it comes to cleaning a kitchen.

This year begins with a new journey. A group of friends and close associates are embarking upon a new investment model: The Onyx Group. The 5 second version of what we do is “affect change through creative innovation”. We are a community-centric think tank. I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to institution building. In addition to The Onyx Group, I am looking to travel much more this year. Day trips, long trips, last-minute trips; anything related to travel, I am down. If you have any destination suggestions, I would love to hear them. My map is not quite complete for ’08.

Communication, not writing, is my passion. Body language, non-verbal, indirect, pheromones, facial expressions; if it falls under the category of communication, I’m fascinated. And that’s why I write for Possum’s Yogurt. There’s a lot to get out, so without further delay, an introduction to Possum’s Yogurt.

foreword: innovative rebellion

“…Only this minute; may I compose for your soundtrack. There is no supposition in conversation.”


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