Posted by: possumjones | July 30, 2010

Lights. Camera. Action.

Today’s video pick is a little different from others I’ve posted in the past. For those of ya’ll who know me, my personality is often confused with wanting attention. The last thing I have ever wanted is to be the center of attention. Having said that, there are some people out there who just do not need a camera. A camera in your face is not carte blanche to act any kind of way. I could take the “easy” route and pick at Alabama on this, but I’ve seen the same behavior all across the country. I tell you this, I am not embarrassed by these videos or upset about how negatively the media portrays black people on television. Only the participants of this video have to live with their behavior. My only points are:

  • Why are you placing your “home” on blast with all the videos and what not? I think I can go to Lincoln Park and find these folks spot.
  • Why is your brother antagonizing the perp? Neither you nor the police have found the guy, so why poke him with a stick?
  • If you listen to the story, it sensationalizes between the first and final accounts. That’s a bunch of crap!
  • In the final account, the focus was not on the victim, it completely changed to the “personality” of the brother. I guess he was a better marketing tool for the news that day.

So, without further adieu, Lights. Camera. Action.

All of this is sad but true. Stop bullshit’n and get your EDUCATION.

The party is f*kin’ over!



  1. who you fooling? You love to be the center of attention! LOL But on the subject at hand, they aught to ashamed of themselves and talking like idiots. All they need were tapdance shoes, spoons to slap their knees with, and a little soot for their faces. Some people are completly unaware of the images they project.

  2. OMG, I can’t believe this is real. I literally screamed watching this. Why would the news even broadcast this?! I’m … speechless.

  3. these videos blew up on fb pretty quickly after they showed up on youtube….

  4. I’m in the Library, dying with laughter and trying to be quiet. I have to watch this again when I get home.

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