Posted by: possumjones | May 31, 2010

Man vs. Fox?

I’ve lived in Georgia my entire life, and one of the things I have found wonderment in is how nature and people are interwoven within the (relatively) large city. In my neighborhood, deer are always roaming around, large birds have territorial battles in your yard, 3.5-4ft snapping turtles halt traffic wor several minutes, and a “pack” consisting of (this is no lie) two coyotes and a bobcat roam around on trash day looking for food. I’m the country bumpkin always kinda in the middle of it all…well, I may need to sit my country butt down somewhere. Check out this video:



  1. hilarious. and i love the way this old boy says him. luckily they teach all us native georgians how to fox wrassle in elementary school!

  2. seriously…lol! even worse is the fact that a week later there were 2 more fox attacks up there in kennesaw. good thing im not hanging out late @ gpc anymore.

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