Posted by: possumjones | April 20, 2008

N-I-G-G-E-R-S! Where ya’ll at?

Okay, let’s tackle it today. I found NAS’ new song “Be A Nigger Too” and I’m noticing mixed reviews. The reviews are falling right about where I thought 60/40 that the song is speaking the truth versus being irresponsible. All I would ask is that you “listen” and get rid of your fears and inhibitions about the “N” word. Let me know what ya’ll think.

Welcome Back to the game, NAS!


NAS – “Be a Nigger Too”


My opinion:

When I hear the song, I am not immediately offended. He got me by saying “turn the radio up…you are now allowed to listen to the radio.” Lawd knows I’m not trying to listen to this crap that comes on the radio. Within the first few lines of the song he clearly says “No disrespect…”, so then I felt I should give it a chance. Now although the use of the “N” word in the chorus may seem like much; it is actually a stroke of genius in that I cannot remember a song where “nigger” is used in the chorus and if you listen to any hip-hop album produced in the past 10-15 years, “nigga” is used quite frequently; as well as “bitch”, “ho”, and other “good cusses”. I find this song no different than what Dave Chappelle was able to do on his show which was to basically disarm the word.

I am reminded of a Sports Illustrated article where Tiger Woods touched on the word “nigger”. His family integrated a white suburb in California and on his first day of school in kindergarten, some older kids threw rocks at him and called him “nigger” and “monkey”. Tiger’s response is a very introspective one:

“You don’t turn it into hatred. You turn it into something positive. So many athletes who reach the top now had things happen to them as children that created hostility, and they bring that hostility with them. But that hostility uses up energy. If you can do it without the chip on the shoulder, it frees up all that energy to create.”

Think about it.


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