Posted by: possumjones | April 10, 2008

Technology Pimpin’

Ever imagine what a IT guy would say if he had a little game. Maybe it would go something like this:

Hey, baby!

I’ve got some new hardware that you have needed to be installed for quite a while. Trust that it is an upgrade from any of the previous versions. It’s completely compatible with your system and it’s plug & play; your OS should be able to recognize it. No annoying popups and absolutely virus free. It comes pre-installed with several pieces of software all to make your computing experience easier. The networking is a snap. No wires, no cords, just instant access to the things you need. The Internet is “always on”; all you need is a lap-top and an clear view of the Southern sky (where my DirecTV folks at). Once installed, you will have access to our entire network where we can extract, transform, and load anything from spreadsheets to flat text files. No need to worry about parental controls, your simple registration and age verification should take care of that. There is piece of mind with it’s overall security, just turn it on, use it, and turn it off when you are done. Now with every piece of computing equipment, there will be flaws; after all, it is a piece of hardware. Our support team is the best on the planet, just bring it in for a free diagnostics, and we will release it back to you like-new condition. With an unlimited amount of drive space and memory, you will never have to add additional disks or RAM unless you are some kind of “technology freak” or something. And all of this comes with a lifetime warranty. So how ’bout it? Are you ready for the most advanced piece of technology ever made? Or are you satisfied with current, outdated equipment?

The operator is standing by…

LMAO…That’s a whole lotta foolishness for 5am, but it has made me laugh today!

Ya’ll help me out with some more edgy, technology talk.



  1. Very witty! LOL Creative.

  2. Nah… nah… I gets “g@ngsta g33k” with it!

    ” Yo Bit,

    What’s poppin pixel? Aiight, render this… I got the best RAM and HardDrive for yo system love, we about to multi task on this mother!” =D

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