Posted by: possumjones | February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day

This will not be nearly as long as my last blog entry, but I wanted to wish everyone a very “Happy Valentines Day”…and briefly converse about “love”, or at least some semblance of it…

The person fortunate enough to figure out “love” will be the wealthiest person, EVER. In the meantime, I just want to drop some bits and pieces on your mind (and I don’t want any responses about different kinds of love…sh!t it’s Valentine’s Day):

  • Is love truly a selfless concern toward an object of affection?
  • Is love selfish?
  • Is it needed for marriage?
  • Is it an oxymoron to say “true love”?
  • Have you ever loved?
  • Is it really better to have loved and lost?

Not a single solution in the bunch, but does open the floor for today’s discussion. Man, I don’t know what love is, but with so many words to describe the feeling and so many ways to show that you “love”, it’s a wonder that “love” is not business…oh wait, it’s Valentine’s Day (but I digress). Having been described as a “hopeless romantic”, I figured I would share a few things I learned (from therapy, of course) about how relationships can succeed and hopefully someone’s V-Day will look (and feel) a little different tonight (not including the often obligatory holiday sex that results).

  • Together and jointly as one.
  • Every instance is a moment in time.
  • Affection is a function of both devotion and irresistibility.
  • Passion is concentrated enthusiasm.
  • Being receptive to emotions is both to give and receive.

One of the greatest things about love is that it is always changing. I’ve had people talk to me over and over again about how “their relationship has changed”, how “their significant other has changed”, and it is always looked upon as being a bad thing. The same people will then say, “well we don’t do anything different”, and “it’s the same thing everyday”…aha…that’s the problem. Love is a glass of water, or your favorite beverage (‘mines’ is Patron), that can be endlessly replenished. Let’s consider that for a moment; “endlessly replenished”. The only thing we have to do is be there to fill the fill the person’s glass. Your basic, material need to survive provides the structure for this behavior. The Ebbs and Flows of life can be properly managed with a full glass, because then, what else REALLY matters.


This Valentine’s Day, my wish is that everyone looks at love as a function of personal liability and not as a self interest.


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